Nathan Larson

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

Nathan Larson (co-founder) is a former punk rocker turned film composer, producer and author. A transplanted New Yorker, he now lives in Malmö, and his award-winning film music career is long and varied, consisting of over 60 films and TV shows. Larson has created sound environment/installations, curated concerts, taught, bartended, and produced/played in many bands. He is also the co-founder of 24 HR DRONE INT’L, an organization that brings long-form “drone music” performance events to locations worldwide.



photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

GERDA HOLMQUIST (co-founder) is a cellist with a classical background who has come to embrace many different genres. She has a Masters degree in performance from the Malmö Academy of Music where she studied with Prof. Mats Rondin. Her cello playing can be heard on over 50 records and on several film scores in collaboration with Nathan Larson. Through him she has come to explore drone music and was recently invited by composer/musician Matti Bye to play at Kalbjärga Filmfestival. As the cellist of Vindla String Quartet she has played with many of Sweden’s most recognized artists such as Lina Nyberg, Tingsek and Linnea Henriksson. Gerda is also a member of Adam Evald’s chamber pop ensemble and a musical partner to Charlotta Perers/Big Fox.

Main instrument: Cello

Olivia Brisvall Rydqvist

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

Olivia Brisvall Rydqvist, from Växjö, started to play bassoon when she was 15 years old. In the beginning it was just a fun third instrument since she already took lessons in flute and singing, but the bassoon would soon come to win her heart and 1 year later it had already become her main instrument. After elementary school she studied one year at St. Sigfrids folkhögskola and her Bachelor at Malmö Academy of Music. In recent years, Olivia has been freelancing around Sweden as musician in both chamber music and orchestra. This autumn Olivia will go back to the Academy to study her Master's.

Main instrument: Bassoon

Second instruments: Flute, Singing 

Susette Johansson

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

 Susette Johansson, from Jämtland, started playing the guitar when she was around 16 years old. Already in high school the goal was to become a classical guitarist and after she graduated from guitar studies she continued at Kävesta Folkhögskola and further on to Malmö Academy of Music. Now she has a Bachelor’s degree and three years of pedagogical studies. In autumn 2017 she began her master's studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Alongside her studies she continues to freelance and to run a private guitar school in Malmö.

Instrument: Guitar

Tove Wadenius

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

photo-Camilla Rehnstrand

Tove Wadenius, from Ängelholm, started playing violin at the age of eight and has studied at the Music conservatory in Falun and Malmö academy of music. Since graduating with a master’s degree in 2009, she has played in many of the professional orchestras in the region such as Malmö Symphony Orchestra and Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. From 2011 to 2016 she was violinist in Skånska Operan, and is now active as a chamber musician in different constellations. Tove has her foundation in classical music but is interested in exploring the violins possibilities in different genres.

Instrument: Violin

Lydia Holmlund


Lydia Holmlund grew up in Sundsvall and started to play the clarinet as an eight year old. At 15 she started to learn the harp as well. After two years of preparatory studies at the Ingesund Academy of Music in Arvika, she entered Malmö Academy of Music for her Bachelor degree. In recent years she has been freelancing around Sweden, playing both orchestra and chamber music. Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester, Nordiska Kammarorkestern, Gotlandsmusiken, Malmö Opera and Wermlands Opera are institutions she has worked with recently. This autumn she will return to the Academy in Malmö.

Main instrument: Clarinet

Second instrument: Harp

Elina Nygren


Elina Nygren is a freelance viola player and composer from Malmö, Sweden. She was educated at the Malmö Music Academy where she studied with Markus Falkbring and Henrik Frendin. Elina has a passion for chamber music and improvisation and is a member of the string quartet Vindla, the experimental pop group Cure-a-Phobia, and the klezmer trio Kv.Arken. She loves unexpected meetings and to explore both sound and expression with other musicians, dancers, and performance artists. She also plays the musical saw and the mandolin and is an unexpected high soprano.

Instrument: Viola